Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another long ride - such looooong descent!

Well, today it was a lot warmer and the weather was really nice. But this time round I was careful and took some more clothes, so I wouldn't be caught out like yesterday!

The ride today was 120km over the mountains with about 1800m of climb, taking me 5 hours. It was basically 40km uphill, 40km downhill and 40km on the flat. The climb was just fantastic, it was the reverse of the descent from yesterday and I had the camera with me to take some pics. The views were just stunning, so much better than yesterday when the mountains were covered in mist and clouds!

Also, yesterday I didn't see a single cyclist in the mountains and already started doubting Ryan that Gran Canaria was a cyclist's heaven. Now I think they were just smart enough to avoid the mountains in the bad weather, because today the mountain was teeming with cyclists! I only saw one on the climb, but I saw tons on that super long switchback descent. They all seemed to be going the other way round the mountain though. Later on I found out why.

After an hour or so of descending the steep switchbacks in nice warm weather and wearing a bit more clothing, I arrived back at the seaside. From here it was 40m flatish home. And here it was were it hit me. I mean where the wind hit me. I had a head wind for almost all of the ride home, with the worst and most exposed bit for the last 20km. Jeez, this almost felt like that ride in Tanzania. I was wrecked when I arrived home. Rest day tomorrow!

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