Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In times of need even the devil eats flies

Ok - Ryan keeps giving out that my expansive collection of German sayings (a heritage from my granny) cannot be directly translated into English, but they just "hit the nail on the head".

Well, from all that unusual running activity my upper thighs and right foot hurt a little, as they weren't used to the constant banging. So after a week of running in our organized little forest I'd had enough of this running business and just yearned to be on a bike again. Also, it was supposed to be my recovery day, therefore I wanted to go for a ride rather than a run. So I asked my daddy if we had any bikes that were in cycleable condition. We eventually fished this one out of the shed:

OH MY GOD. The saddle! It was wider than it was long! We tried to adjust it - resulting in a weird angle which meant I constantly fell off it to the front - but when we adjusted it more backwards leaning, then I could not move my legs freely.... who would ever design a saddle like this? And did you see the cute purple bell and the huge headlight? Amazingly it had 5 gears, but did you see the gearshift?! And the curved handlebars?! Oh my god. The only thing missing to complete the picture was a shopping basket. We pumped up the wheels and I went for a ride into the country - but after a few km of constantly moving off the front of the saddle I decided to cut it short - it was soo bad that I had to stand for most of the ride. In addition the rear light cover fell off. I hope nobody recognized me on this thing - was thinking of putting on my sunglasses for anonymity.... but then again I need not have worried - the people I met on my spin had bikes that let mine look like a Ferrari among Fiats.... ah well, in times of need even the devil eats flies and I got to be fit for K-Capital Cup 2!

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