Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In Germany even the trees stand in file..... ;)

On Thursday before the first K Capital Cup I had to travel urgently home to the north of Germany and booked a oneway flight only as I did not know how long I would stay. I decided not to take my bike either as it would have been too much hassle and I did not know if I would have the chance to go on long bike rides when I was over. Besides, the north of Germany is quite boring anyway with regards to mountain biking - there is no mountains, it's flat like a pancake! I had fortunately packed my runners, just in case as it's easier to squeeze in a bit of runnning rather than biking between family duties. So, in order to not loose all my hard earned fitness that I built up for the start of the racing season (my pennies in the piggybank :)), I went running instead in a little forest down the road. When I showed Ryan my gps tracks as recorded by my Garmin Edge 305 from one of my typical runs, he broke out laughing: "Even the trees stand in file in Germany!"

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