Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Missed the first time round....

Today I did approximately the same ride as on the first day, the day it was sooo cold on the descent and rained on the top. So it was the same way up and down, but with an added 20km loop on the top. So the total for the ride was 120km long, 2700m climb and it took me 5h 25min to complete it.

This time round however the weather was fantastic and we could finally see the stunning views from up there - it seemed like a totally different ride!

I think the town at the bottom is Las Palmas.

View from the top view point. The first time round I hadn't even realized that I had passed a viewpoint!

Nice beautiful switchback roads in the drop of the middle of the island.

You can even see Tenerife from the top!

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