Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Active recovery in the sun :)

Oh my god, it is so much easier to go out riding when it's warm and the sun is shining. Today was the first day that Ryan and I went exploring a bit around the area, since the other two days we were just busy with working and cycling. At lunch time we went on a light tootle to the seafront and the weather was just soooo nice! There were even people in bikinis! I haven't seen people in bikinis outside since our trip to Tanzania in 2007.

The town in which we stay, Vecindario, seems to be very quiet though - it's definitely off-season, barely any people around and the atmosphere is really chilled out. Maybe that's also got to do with that the really nice beaches are located more in Las Palmas or Maspalomas. The cycle yesterday lead us through Maspalomas and it was a lot busier there.

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Nadine Spearing said...

Looks lovely Mel. Shorts in January! Only something I can dream of. Enjoy :)