Monday, March 11, 2013

False start in the GP de Chambery

My first race as a "pro"..... didn't last long. And it all started so well. After a 7 hour drive from Limoux, the team who kindly allowed me to guest with (Languedoc-Roussillon) arrived in Chambery on Saturday, the day before the race. After 3 practice laps on the 8km course we were all set and settled down for a nice dinner in our road side hotel. A long and lazy morning followed, trying to delay breakfast in the hotel for as long as possible, as the race was only to start at 13:30. The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny and the bunch lined up at the startline. However, only a couple of km into the neutral start we had the first crash in the bunch. I narrowly avoided going down, able to stop in time, unhook my bike from the melee and chase. Further down the hill we waited for everyone to get back on. The next bit I tried my best to get further towards the front, but then, on a corner, there was crash number two (or three), featuring me and another girl. I'm not quite sure what happened, there was a bit of a wobble, but somehow a girl got her foot stuck between my rear wheel and rear triangle, breaking the rear triangle in 3 places and a few spokes and bringing herself down. I didn't even fall, so there were no injuries on my part. The girl was screaming her lungs out in pain, so I thought oh god, hospital for her, but as soon as we freed her foot out of my bike she hopped back on her bike and carried on. And I was left standing stupid with a broken bike. That was it for me. Race over. Pretty bummed. I heard there were about 5 crashes in the race, with 4 in the first lap. What a start into my pro-cycling career. But what can I say, it can only get better, right?

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