Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I am still cycling!

There's been a yawning absence of posts recently, I know. I even have a list of unwritten race reports about races that happened long ago that I am meant to catch up on, such as my experience of the London Olympics test event and the Czech and Italian World Cups, which were all a lot of fun.

I have been cycling since and there's been a lot of cycling related adventures: I've had a stint in track cycling (there's an unfinished post somewhere in the pipeline), I've been cycling in California, while there I raced and won the Hamilton Low Key Hill Climb again (thus again breaking the female Strava record), gone mountain biking with Klaus, gotten a Retul bikefit and ridden the beautiful roads of California (I love California).

MTBing in California

But, I'm also a student, and right now writing code takes priority to writing blog posts. On the upside, training is going well, I am on a recovery week now and I'm looking forward to a nice Xmas. Not looking forward to training in this freezing cold weather though!

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