Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Decisions, decisions.....

How come that the end of the season races are all cramped in and clash? These races and events are up for choice in the next few weeks before our come-back into the social limelight:

13th/14th Sept: British NPS & Whyte Enduro Rounds 5
OR The Epic Blast IV

Edit: The British NPS & Whyte Enduro Rounds 5 races have been cancelled, so now it's this decision:
Ras na mban (3 day road stage race in Kerry, Ireland)
OR The Epic Blast IV

20th Sept: Carlingford Marathon
OR German Bundesliga race in Bad Salzdetfurth

28th Sept: Irish NPS Round 6
OR German National Marathon Champs

4th/5th Oct: Dusk Till Dawn, UK
OR Marathon World Cup, France

12th Oct: C1 MTB race in Alanya, Turkey
OR Bike Show London

Anybody wants to help me decide?


trio said...

Assume it's been made a little easier by the cancellation of the last round of the NPS?

Mel said...

oh - don't get me started! We had already booked the ferry - and the tickets are non-refundable (can change dates though, so we'll prob be over in Wales some weekend for some cycling) :(

Now I am thinking of doing a 3 day road stage race in Ireland ;) although the weather is not very promising for that either....

trio said...

I can imagine a lot of people had already booked stuff. But a weekend biking in wales is always fun.

A road race you are brave, I'm sure I'd be shelled out the back straight away.