Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A weekend in Kerry (where the butter comes from...), non-racing

Yep, a weekend without racing. And what a beautiful weekend - the summer had finally arrived, leg wax equipment and shaving cream are sold out and sunglasses were the needed accessory of the day.

For the weekend I went to Kerry for a friends birthday party. Of course I took my bike with me... what a question! I got a lift with some of my friends on the way there (it's suuuuch a long drive from Dublin, almost as far away from Dublin as you can get in Ireland!) and had planned to cycle some of the way at the end. Unfortunately I had to change my start location nearer and nearer to our destination because we were held up in villages with the most annoying traffic lights and it was getting later and later. And while the weather was perfect during the day, sunny and warm when we were strolling through Limerick for a suitable lunch spot - the largest BBQ of the world competition was held there and made us very hungry, the weather turned worse the nearer we came to our destination at the west tip of Kerry on Valentia Island.

Finally, I got out in Fanfore, about 55km before Valentia Island and started cycling and it started to rain. Halfway through I was wet onto my skin and started to get cold. In addition I had to fight my way against a strong headwind and it was getting later and later and darker too. I didn't have lights on my bike and I didn't even know when the last ferry went!

Eventually I made the last ferry at 9:30 (thank god! if I had missed the ferry I would have had to go the long way round over the bridge, a 20km detour....) and arrived wet, cold and tired in our rented house on the island. Chameloen like my healthy red colour returned to my blue lips and white hands and feet when I warmed myself with hot chocolate and on the fireplace in the kitchen.

The next day I decided to cycle between the mountains in Kerry and back on some of the Ring of Kerry while the others took a walk abound the island. It was another fine day and the ride went well, it was all pretty flat and I did about 107km in about 4hours 25min. I decided to get a lift for the last 30km because I didn't want to be late again for dinner!

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