Sunday, March 24, 2013

San Dimas Stage 2 - Jo on the podium!

Whoah, my legs certainly didn't like that! Today was stage 2 of the San Dimas Stage Race, with about 70 women lining up for the 56mile road course (8 x 7mile lap). It was sunny and warm, about 27 degree Celsius. The course was a technical enough course around Bonelli Park, with one climb and kind of a long drag on the other side ends. Where the roads were wide they were bumpy, and on the climb they were narrower, but both nothing in comparison to Ireland. All big American teams had representation, including Lululemon, NOW & Novartis, Exergy, Optum, and of course Team TIBCO!

The speed wasn't too fast in the first lap, but then, on the descent of the drag, a crash happened on the bumpy roads, about 10 people down with yellow in it. All my teammates and I avoided it, but it essentially neutralized the race somewhat for teams waiting for their teammates and yellow to catch back on. This in turn meant that we were going to be caught by another group racing on the course, which delayed any decent action ever further as we had to let them pass. Finally, from about lap 3 there was a bit more action and attacks. Even I found myself off the front in a short-lived break one time. But for most of the race I was really just getting used to racing again, this being my first road race since July last year!

Then, on the 6th lap, my legs started cramping up, and calves and knees started locking up completely. There was nothing I could do but ease off and let the peloton go. I had 2 laps to go and the time cut was 5% of the winning time, so I just nursed myself to the finish as gingerly but as fast as possible to make the time cut. I made it, so I can race the crit tomorrow. But the real reason for celebration was for Jo: when I had finally finished, I was super happy to find out that my teammate Joanne had come 3rd on the stage! :) Go Team TIBCO!

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