Thursday, April 21, 2011

New bike - 2011 Specialized S-Works Epic

2011 Specialized S-Works Epic

It's that time of the year that I give an update on my new bike for the 2011 season, courtesy of Cycleways/Specialized.

I have the privilege again this year to ride the new 2011 Specialized S-Works Epic. As in previous years, I've taken the liberty to slightly modify the stock version with help from my component sponsor KCNC. I have changed the following things:
  • KCNC Seatpost
  • KCNC Bar
  • XTR Brakes
  • KCNC Front skewer
  • NoTubes Podium Front Wheel
For tires I use my usual setup of a 2.1 Schwalbe Rocket Ron on the front and a 2.1 Racing Ralph on the rear.

My new amazing XTR brakes :)

The new 2011 Specialized Epic also has evolved from last year's edition: it has a different rear triangle: it's a lot thicker and thus stiffer. It also uses a bolt through for the rear wheel, which means changing a wheel is a bit more complicated (which is not really relevant since I can't use any of my other wheels anyway and I don't have a spare yet), but also adds even more stiffness to the rear end. The frame around the rear shock area is different too.

Many thanks to my sponsors for their loyal support - Cycleways, Specialized and KCNC and to Stew and Ryan for helping me with getting the right bits and setup - thanks guys!

I didn't get a chance to ride my bike before taking it over to the 2nd round of the British National Series race in Dalby last weekend, so the pre-ride of the Dalby course doubled as a test or virgin ride for my new bike. I was super happy with how it rode, it even eclipsed last year's bike. It reacts super quick and you can really feel the added stiffness of the modified rear triangle. And the XTR brakes are just amazing! I believe that I ride one of the best bikes in town and I it's definitely not the bike that's slowing me down!

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