Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh god, I'm racing tomorrow!

It kinda is like Christmas, you've been waiting for it for so long, prepared for it for so long, seen all the lights and heard all the jinglebells, it's been creeping up on you, and then all of a sudden it's there: the start of the racing season (and you haven't even bought all the Xmas presents yet (read: done all your intervals)).

I just can't believe that I am in Cyprus again and meant to race my first race this season tomorrow. It always seems to happen so quickly. And it still somehow amazes me how one can plop oneself into a completely different surrounding in such a short time. Feels surreal sometimes. And if I was flying home on Monday it would feel like "blink, and you missed it". But I am not flying home Monday, I am doing the complete Cyprus Sunshine Cup this year again. And without Ryan too, so I hope I won't be too lonely in my huge apartment that I had rented for the two of us. But I don't think it will be too bad - lots of people again are staying in Kalavasos and the neighbouring village Tochni, including the Rabobank Giant team. Anyhow, I better get going on my pre-ride in Voroklini - I am here to race after all!

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