Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Stick

Ryan usually gives out to me about not doing enough massaging and stretching etc. and I usually come up with some lame excuses (I've got to work on my PhD, I'm too tired, can we not ask Stew to give us a massage...?), but deep down I know he is right and I should be doing much more of this. Ryan has always been a fan of trying out new tools, but I usually lack behind in my enthusiasm for such things.

Until Ryan got The Stick.

The Stick is basically just a slightly flexible stick with 2 rubbery handles holding in a bunch of loose plastic mini-rollers in the middle.

As soon as Ryan got The Stick I started using it too. And I liked it so much I wanted one for myself. So Ryan gave me his Stick and got himself a new one. We now have a 20" Marathon Stick, which is the longest and most flexible one and a 17" Travel stick, which is slightly less flexible. And I like my Stick so much it came with me to my training camp in Gran Canaria and it's seeing much use here. The Stick is the first massaging tool that I do not find too cumbersome or time consuming or annoying to use and it actually feels good to massage your tired legs with The Stick. Both ease of use and perceived benefit are for me perfectly combined in The Stick. And it's handy enough to take with you on your travels.

So, get yourself The Stick, best massaging tool I have come across! (and I am not sponsored by them)


Ken Zelez said...

Hi Mel,

Awesome article! Great blog by the way as well. I am glad you like The Stick so much. It really is an awesome tool. I will be sure to share your article! In addition, if any readers are in Alberta, Canada, we distribute The Stick!

trio said...

I'm the same, don't stretch enough. But bought a stick a few months ago and it's great. Still need to use it more than I do though!

Dave Shortall said...

I found out about 'The Stick' a few months ago from my physio and after looking at the price from an Irish supplier I ended up just using a rolling pin :) (it actually works brilliant! much better that the Foam Rolls)

Like the new picture in your header... hmmm, seem to recognise it from somewhere. Glad you like it :)