Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Bike :)

Finally, we've received all the bits and bobs for our new S-Works Epics and they are now fully built up and ready to go. Tonight I will take my new bike out for the first time on the Epic club spin. While the geometry of my new bike is the same as last year's S-Works Epic, the biggest change is that my new bike comes with SRAM XX drive train and brakes, meaning I've now only got 2 chain rings in front. Another change is that I am trying bar ends for the first time - I've always been afraid of wrapping myself around a tree with them, so we'll see how that goes. Below is a picture of the bike, it's also painted, in contrast to the naked carbon from last year, so it looks a lot brighter, but less stealthy. Anyhow, I'll put a full spec online in a bit - now it's time to get ready for the club race!

Thanks again to Cycleways, Clee Cycles, Schwalbe and NoTubes for their generous sponsorship :)

UPDATE: Well, I'm back and fed from the Epic club race, waiting for Ryan to evacuate the shower so that I can hop in. I can say that I absolutely love my new bike! It rides really well, very light, and it climbs like a Gazelle - effortlessly. I am not sure about the bar ends though - on the way to the race I kept reaching for them when I had to brake - reminding me of my road bike hoods and I was still a bit paranoid of wrapping them around a tree. I'll leave them off for the second round of the British National Series this weekend, but I'll give them another go afterwards.

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