Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow snow snow =====> Turbo turbo turbo....

Hmm, I must have complained too much about Irish winters always being so dull and grey and not having any snow, because it has been snowing, sleeting, slushing for the last few days! Traffic is chaotic, my commute painful in the sleet.

Nonetheless, on the first day of snow, Ryan and I ventured out up on our local training ground 3Rock to check out the scenery and if it would be possible to do some off-road riding. But there was even snow on the single trails within the forests! We had to stick mostly to fire roads for safety reasons and gave up about an hour and half into the ride. I've never seen so much snow in Ireland, ever!

It's really really beautiful, but it means I'm bound to the turbo trainer in the meantime, sigh....

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ladysahne said...

Hey Mel!
I like the new appearance of your blog. So from a "Wannabe Mountainbiker" to a "Mountainbiker". Nice! You seem to have a lot of snow, huh?
Greets from Guatemala,
your sis