Thursday, May 1, 2008

ALDI cycling gear

Last time when ALDI had a special on cycling gear I went in at lunch time but all stuff was already gone by that time, so this time I decided to go in the morning and this is what I just bought:

2 x cycling shorts
1 x gilet
1 x short arm cycling top
1 x soft shell cycling jacket
2 x cycling socks
1 x cycling sun glasses with 3 pairs of lenses
1 x short finger cycling gloves
1 x cycling underwear

And all that for only 71.40 Euro!! It's hard to find better value than that!

The only annoying bit is that for most of the women's gear it's a pink and black theme and it'll clash a bit with my red helmet, but at least I've just doubled the amount of cycling gear I own!

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